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Kickoffs and Returns under scrutiny by the NFL

The National Football League is looking into kickoff modifications in order to help ‘deal with injury numbers’ according to news reports this week. Indicating that it was a matter of safety, along with possible suspensions for player who make illegal hits, the NFL is recommending that kickoffs be moved from the 30- to the 35-yard line — as it was before 1994. Also, kicking team members must line up within five yards of the ball. This would prevent the kicking team members from lining up 10-15 yards behind the ball to get a running start. By the time these offensive players got downfield, they were at full speed.

The sound of the impact when 300 pounds of professional football player, sprinting at top speed, strikes another player moving in the opposite direction at maximum velocity, it something not soon forgotten. The momentum of each player (speed times mass) is truly shocking. The league recognizes the potential for devastating and career ending head, neck and brain injuries and is looking into way to modify the game while still keeping its essential features. Read more at the Washington Examiner.

Doctors Fleeter and Sager Ready for Athletes' Emergencies and Sports Medicine Needs

Drs. Thomas Fleeter and Dennis Sager, provide medical support at the Reston Triathlon
Drs. Thomas Fleeter and Dennis Sager provide superb experienced medical support at the Reston Triathlon

Long time Reston Doctors Tom Fleeter and Dennis Sager have contributed generously of their time, effort and resources to the Reston Triathlon. Fleeter could be seen Saturday erecting tents and has previously been out on Lake Audubon with his son as a swim safety volunteer. Sager, an FAA Inspection doctor, has been a perennial presence under the medical tent at the South Lakes High School finish line area. Sager grew up and was friends with Mrs. Landau’s family in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Sager graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) as an Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineer and is an exceptional internal medicine specialist. Before athletes lawyer Doug Landau departed the United States to compete on the US Maccabiah Triathlon Team, he had his physical performed by Dr. Sager.

Dr. Fleeter, of Town Center Orthopedics in Reston, is the team physician for South Lakes High School and served as the medical director of the Women’s World Figure Skating Championship and the Reston Triathlon. He is also an orthopaedic consultant to the United States Figure Skating Association. And, as one who not just “talks the talk,” but also “walks the walk,” Fleeter is a strong cyclist who has participated in the Reston Century and knows routes through Northern Virginia that only a true lifetime cyclist would know. Dr. Fleeter and his Town Center Orthopedic partners have operated on and helped a number of ABRAMS LANDAU clients who have been injured in motor vehicle crashes, sports and on the job accidents.

Doug Landau and the other participants in the Reston Triathlon are lucky to have such outstanding, board certified specialists at this local multisport race. Thank you Dr. Fleeter and Dr. Sager.

ABRAMS LANDAU clients, counsel, win Awards

Reston Triathlon Age Group Award Winner Doug Landau
Reston Triathlon Age Group Award Winner Doug Landau after changing into warm, dry clothes !

Injured athletes come back and finish strong at the Reston Triathlon. A team of three ABRAMS LANDAU clients and Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau would have given other teams in the popular Reston multipart event this past weekend a run for their money ! With Henry Tragle, Rob Urbach, Bill Coquelin putting in solid efforts, the Herndon Law Shop‘s clients demonstrated that hard work, perseverance and pre-accident conditioning can help an athlete recover from broken bones, lacerations and other car crash injuries. With three age group awards and several top 20 finishes, these clients support sports injury lawyer Doug Landau’s assertions that endurance athletes can achieve good recovery from car accidents, bike crashes and disabling sports injuries. The staff at the ABRAMS LANDAU is proud of these clients’ accomplishments, as well as those clients who continue to participate in non-competitive events such as bicycle centuries, fun runs and charity walks.

Trouble in Transition for Triathlon Trial Lawyer Landau

Looking for his triathlon race number and singlet, Doug Landau loses precious time in transition
Looking for his triathlon race number and singlet, trial lawyer Doug Landau loses precious time in transition

Having no race number can cause an athlete’s disqualification. Doug Landau had carefully pinned his race number to his singlet the night before, and had brought it to Lake Audubon to put on after the Reston Triathlon swim. However, when he emerged from the water and removed his wetsuit, it was nowhere to be seen.

With his bike number on his shorts, a quick gulp and out Doug Landau goes to run down the competition at the Reston Triathlon
With his bike number on his shorts, a quick gulp and out Doug Landau goes past volunteer Kevin Baldwin to run down the competition at the 2010 Reston Triathlon

Since the numbers on his arms, legs, helmet and bike and the computer chip on his ankle would suffice for the next hour, Landau hoped that his shirt and number was inadvertently left at the second transition, when he got off the bike and began the 10 km run at South Lakes High School. When he dashed into the transition area, he was dismayed to see no shirt and no number.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” So the saying goes. Looking around his transition spot, the injured athletes’ lawyer had an idea. Landau Continue reading

Reston Bike Accident Victim Released from Fairfax Hospital today

Reston Bicycle accident lawyer, herndon car crash biker accident lawyer, Bike crash injury lawyer and Race Volunteer Doug Landau registering one of the law enforcement participants at the 2010 Reston Triathlon
Bike crash injury lawyer and Race Volunteer Doug Landau registering one of the Fairfax County Police Officers participating in the 2010 Reston Triathlon

The victim of the bike crash Sunday at Ridge Heights Road near the Langston Hughes Middle School and South Lakes High School was released from the INOVA Fairfax Hospital this afternoon. The triathlete sustained multiple injuries in the incident described in a prior post when a car came from a side street during the 26th annual Reston Triathlon.

The experienced multi-sport athlete was grateful for those who came to his immediate aid and for the speed with which the Fairfax County Police, Fire and Ambulance were on the scene. Excellent training by Fairfax first responders and law enforcement enabled the injured South Riding athlete to be taken to the emergency room quickly.

Transitions – the 4th sport in Triathlon

Doug Landau exiting the 2010 Reston Triathlon Lake Audubon transition area
Doug Landau exiting the Reston Triathlon transition area (note that he is not yet in his biking shoes !)

Ask Triathlon Trial Lawyer Dog Landau which part of the triathlon is his best, and he’ll probably tell you, “Tranisitions !” While triathlon is made up of three sports – swimming, biking and running, lawyer Landau views transitions as important elements to his overall race strategy and success. What you eat, drink and change into in the transition areas can influence the rest of the race. Transitions are the part of the race you can plan, create options and gain time on your competition while they are standing still !

At some venues, Landau has Continue reading

Dr. Delaney to the rescue

Fire and rescue vehicles came to the aid of an injured bicyclist who was involved in a crash with a motor vehicle during this morning’s Reston Triathlon. As the participants turn left on South Lakes to pedal up Ridge Heights Road toward Langston Hughes Middle School to get to the transition area at South Lakes and finish the bike portion of the race they were confronted by the sight none of like to see – a fallen athlete. In this instance, a motorist apparently pulled out into the Ridge Heights Road as a cyclist was coming up toward the schools.

Dr. Allen Delaney of Commonwealh Orthopedics and Doug Landau
Allen Delaney of Commonwealh Orthopedics and Doug Landau during a picnic fundraiser for a fellow triathlete

The cyclist and the car collided. According to an FABB post, the biker was unconscious and, after lying immobile in the road, was taken away by ambulance.

Dr. Allen Delaney of Commonwealth Orthopedics, along with his wife and physical therapist Mary Delaney, was a spectator at today’s triathlon. According to athletes who had finished the race, the good doctor was at the cyclist’s side, lying with him in the street until emergency vehicles arrived. Delaney, a distinguished endurance and multisport athlete himself, returned to the finish area after the athlete (who later regained consciousness) was taken from the scene, in order to cheer on other athletes he advises and trains as a coach with RehabtoRacing. Everyone associated with the Reston Triathlon hopes the injured bicyclist recovers quickly.

Checking Bikers' Drivers Licenses, Passports & USAT cards – Reston Volunteer Doug Landau

Reston Triathlon volunteers
Reston Triathlon volunteers

With drivers licenses, passports and USAT cards in hand, triathletes lined up at Reston’s South Lakes High School to check in for the 26th Annual Reston Triathlon. While he is racing Sunday, Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau once again served as a volunteer, checking registrants in, answering questions of new multisport athletes, giving a tour of the transition area, marking and clearing the run course of debris. Having competed in this perennially sold out Northern Virginia triathlon over a dozen times, Landau knows many of the volunteers, spectators and participants. Even when he is not going to swim in Lake Audubon, ride on Glade Avenue and run on the Reston Association trails, Landau has volunteered at registration.

"May we please see some ID ?"
"May we please see some ID ?"

The pre-race safety meetings, course reviews, bike helmet inspections, reunions and mini expo make for a festive afternoon. There are husband and wife, father-son and other family relations participating side by side. This almost Olympic Distance Triathlon is also relatively spectator friendly because of the 3-loop bike course and finish in the South Lakes High School stadium with a live rock band (this year, the “Sock Monkeys”). Click here to be a volunteer

BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA again selects ABRAMS LANDAU injury lawyer Doug Landau

Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau, selected to the 2011 "BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA"
Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau, selected to the 2011 "BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA"

ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. is pleased to announce that the “THE BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA” has again selected out Landau for its 2011 edition. Doug’s father, Norman J. Landau had also been included in earlier editions, and many of his class mates from the University of Miami have been listed in the pages of “BEST LAWYERS.” Like the Martindale Hubbel Lawyer Directory, BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA has been around for a long time and is a respected peer-review publication for the legal profession. For a quarter century, BEST LAWYERS publications have helped lawyers and clients find legal counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions or unfamiliar practice areas. Continue reading

Brain Trauma: Is It Easier For Some Athletes To Suffer Brain Damage?

While the Landau Law Shop is currently helping several victims of traumatic brain injury and we are once again sponsoring the Brain Injury Association‘s road runs at the end of the month, a recent radio news story caught head injury lawyer Landau’s attention. “Is It Easier For Some Athletes To Suffer Brain Damage?” is the premise, and the coverage centered on professional football players and head trauma.

According to the news report, an autopsy has shown that Chris Henry, the young Cincinnati Bengal who died a few months ago, suffered what is called CTE –– chronic traumatic encephalopathy –– which means, more simply, that his brain had been traumatized.

CTE can be diagnosed only in the brain tissue of cadavers, and 22 deceased former NFL players have been identified as having had it. Studies also show that elderly men who played football have four times the rate of dementia as do other U.S. males.

What makes the Henry case so frightening, however, is that he is the first current player to be diagnosed with CTE — and his case is even more of a concern because it doesn’t seem that he suffered any serious concussions. How easy might it be for certain athletes to have their brains damaged?

Not just football players either. Studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that girls get concussions on the soccer field at much the same rate as boys do playing football. One cannot watch the World Cup, where players slug balls 60 sixty miles an hour with their heads — not to mention banging into opponents’ heads — without thinking that the world’s finest soccer athletes must surely be at the same risk of CTE as NFL players.

Jim Joyce was himself a football player. He got concussions of his own and also remembers laughing at befuddled teammates when they got, in the vernacular, “dinged.” It was all a joke then, all part of being a tough guy on the gridiron. READ THE REST OF THE STORY