Jogging Stroller Recall: Strangulation Risk to Children

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) and two separate stroller makers are voluntarily recalling approximately 12,800 jogging strollers because they pose a strangulation risk to children, according to the CPSC. Abut 800 Tike Tech Single City X3 and X3 Sport Jogging Strollers were recalled after it was discovered that a child that was not strapped in could slip down between the seat of the stroller and get caught around the neck according to news reports.

On of the companies involved, Valco Baby, is advising consumers to immediately remove the grab bar from the stroller and contact Valco Baby to receive a free replacement grab bar. Contact information for Valco Baby:

  • * Phone: 800-610-7850
  • * E-mail:

The recalled strollers were manufactured in China and were sold at juvenile product stores and Web sites including between Nov. 2007 and March 2010 for between $480 to $700.

TriColumbia founder Rob "Vigo" Vigorito in Kona Hawaii bike crash

We were stunned to get word that Columbia Triathlon Race Director Bob Vigorito was injured in a bike crash. Triathlon trial lawyer Doug Landau and his wife are big fans of the Columbia Triathlon Association races and of TriColumbia founder Vigorito’ efforts on behalf of the USAT. Vigorito was in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship when he was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in Kona. While trying to avoid a truck that had pulled in front of him on the Queen K Highway, Vigorito wound up going over his handlebars and into the truck. According to an e-mail sent by his wife, Sharon, “Vigo” has nine broken ribs, several that are multiple breaks. He also has a fractured scapula, a pneumothorax and a lacerated lip. “The thought is that he will be in pretty severe pain Continue reading

Jury Denies Sports Helmet Product Liability Lawsuit

A jury rejected a lawsuit brought against a sports helmet maker by the parents of a boy who suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident in 2007. The lawsuit claimed the helmet was defective and should have been made with a stronger material instead of the cheap plastic, which failed to protect the boy. The defense argued, however, that “the helmet met or exceeded all U.S. government requirements and that it was designed to crack to absorb the impact in the event of a crash.”

According to news reports, the plaintiff suffered severe brain damage in Continue reading

Weekend Bike Rides from Reston Town Center and The Bike Lane

Riders getting ready to take a Saturday morning spin from the Bike Lane at Reston Town Center
Riders getting ready to take a Saturday morning spin from the Bike Lane at Reston Town Center

Last weekend, as I was jogging my cool down after the Anthem 5km, I saw a group of two dozen cyclists in front of The Bike Lane store at Reston Town Center. They were ready to go out and enjoy a beautiful day of riding. The Bike Lane, Reston Town Center, does much of the Reston Bike Club 28.5 mile route at 9:00 AM Saturday morning. Located at Democracy Drive, in Reston, The Bike Lane is convenient to the W&OD Trail as well as to many bike routes around Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. For more about this friendly group’s rides, clinics and other programs, click here.

Better Cyclist than Runner – HPC trains cyclists to win

The "Pink Bank" is the home of Herndon's Compu Trainer Bike set up where Susan Hefler trains current and future cycling champions
The "Pink Bank" is the home of HPC - Herndon's Compu Trainer Bike facility where Susan Hefler trains current and future cycling and triathlon champions

The facts speak for themselves. With top finishes in the bike portion of triathlons this season it’s official, Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau is now a better cyclist than he is a runner ! The Herndon Reston sports injury lawyer owes this improvement on two wheels to the intense winter training sessions at HPC in Herndon. Susan Hefler is a top trainer of teen, elite and masters bicycle racers, and trying to stay with them is what kept Landau cycling hard all winter long.

Classes are starting, and HPC has acquired even more advanced VO2 max testing equipment. So stop by our neighbor’s facility and check out Compu Trainer biking at the pink bank next to Great Harvest Bakery (home of the wonderful healthy free samples) ! Coach Hefler reports that over 100 cyclists have already signed up for the Fall training session. To register, CLICK HERE

Last MultiSport Race of the Season – Maryland Duathlon

Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau caps his 2010 multisport season with another Age Group gold medal
Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau caps his 2010 multisport season with another Age Group gold medal at the Hagerstown Maryland Duathlon

The winds were gusting so hard that racers using disc wheels were nearly sent over the guardrails and into the highway below during the 2010 Hagerstown Duathlon today ! The sun was out, but the wind was treacherous. Luckily, no serious accidents were reported, though the finish line stand was blown over, and racer had to be extra careful on the highway overpasses in order to avoid crashes and injury. Doug Landau neglected to fully inflate his tyres before the race, and had sub par runs, but managed to get the first prize medal for the over-50 set and Continue reading

No Police Report for Second Pedestrian Struck at Dangerous Dumfries Virginia Intersection

A pedestrian was struck in a hit-and-run at the Dumfries commuter lot Tuesday, but the Prince William Police would not take a report. And it was not the first time this week someone was hit at the Dumfries commuter parking lot on Virginia Route 234 ! After a 38-year-old man was struck and killed there Friday morning, now the news reports that a U.S. Air Force Airman who had just gotten off of an OmniRide commuter bus after a day of work at the Pentagon, was hit by a car at the lot about 6 p.m. Tuesday.

He was walking past the entrance of the lot that faces Va. 234 when a car pulled into the lot from the busy six-lane road and then hit him in the knee, injuring the Medial Collateral Ligament. “The guy stopped and got out of the car and told me the sun was in his eyes and he couldn’t see me,” the victim said. He did not believe that he was seriously injured at the time. But when he got home he started to feel pain in his knee, and his wife then convinced him to call police and report the crash. She called for him only to find an officer would not Continue reading

Reporting Aggressive, Distracted and Unsafe Driving by Trucks and Buses

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a Safety Violation Hotline where you can report unsafe driving by trucks and buses. You have two options to report aggressive driving to FMCSA. You can either call the Safety Violation Hotline at 1-888-dot-saft (1-888-368-7238) between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday Eastern Time or you can fill out the safety violation reporting form found on their website.

When encountering an aggressive driver, stay calm, keep your distance from that driver, do not return gestures and remember not to take it personally.

According to the “Smooth Operator” site, each law enforcement agency has specific requirements and procedures for reporting traffic safety violations. It is up to each agency to respond to file reports

Reporting Aggressive and Unsafe Driving in Virginia

Virginia law defines aggressive driving as a hazard to others with the intent to harass, intimidate, injure or obstruct another person and commits at least one of the following:

* failure to drive on the right side of the highway
* failure to drive in the lanes marked for traffic
* following too closely
* failure to yield right of way
* failure to follow traffic control device
* passing on right
* exceeding the speed limit
* stopping on a highway

You have two options for reporting an aggressive driver to law enforcement. You can report an aggressive driver when the action is occurring or file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency after the fact. To report a driver when he/she is exhibiting the aggressive driving behavior dial #77 and your call should be directed to the appropriate jurisdiction. #77 is designed to help drivers report a driver in distress or exhibiting unsafe behavior. To report the incident after the fact, you must be able to identify the operator of the vehicle and provide a tag number, car make and model and be willing to serve as a witness.

NOTE: Each law enforcement agency has specific requirements and procedures for reporting traffic safety violations. It is up to each agency to respond to filed reports.

Reporting Aggressive and Unsafe Drivers in Maryland

Maryland law defines aggressive driving as committing at the same time or during a continuous driving period, three or more of the following offenses:

  • traffic signal violation
  • improper passing
  • failure to drive in a single or proper lane
  • following too closely
  • failure to stop/yield right of way
  • exceeding the speed limit

To Report an Aggressive Driving Incident that Occurred in Maryland you have two options. You can Continue reading