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BionX motor assisted bike parked in front of Herndon's Great Harvest Bakery

BionX motor assisted bike parked in front of Herndon's Great Harvest Bakery, just 100 yards from the W&OD Trail

Parked outside the Herndon Great Harvest Bakery was this tricked out bike. Equipped with a Bion motor, Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau looked into this company and its products. Bion designs, develops and manufactures electric propulsion systems for bicycles. The BionX name has become synonymous with Intelligent Mobility, technology leadership, highest product quality and reliable customer service in the market for premium electric bicycles.improve the natural and urban environment. BionX claims to be the only company in the industry providing complete and proven solutions to bicycle manufacturers and to consumers through our retrofit kits. Any BionX product will provide cyclists with four assistance modes and four regenerative modes, giving extra energy to climb a steep hill, overcome a strong wind or just to ride a bike with more ease. Landau hopes to see one of these vehicles “in action” near the Law Shop in Herndon soon.

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