Herndon Virginia injury and Social Security Disability lawyer Doug Landau needs a place to store his stuff before races and during cases

DSCF3713.JPGShown here before a recent road race in Central Park, Herndon injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau is dropping off his warm up gear. Knowing where you can safely store supplies and post event needs can be important in trials and triathlons. Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau has gone to court with cases full of books and files, and, for other clients, little more than a computer, travel printer and a Bindertek notebook. But in every case, it is important to try to get a preview of the courtroom just as it is enormously helpful to view the race course before a major competition. That is why Doug Landau invites clients, prospective clients and their families and friends to see him and the ABRAMS LANDAU team “in action” both in court and at the races. Call our office and come see us at future cases and races.

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