Triathlete comes to Abrams Landau for help with back and neck injury case – DMX (digital motion x-ray) may help show injuries to the spine

When a sidelined Ironman calibre athlete came to us recently, we were unable to take the case without objective proof of her physical injuries. One method of determining the nature and extent of long term injury is through the use of DMX. DMX stands for Digital Motion X-Ray. DMX was effectively used by the doctors in Charlottesville in the Elliott “police assisted suicide” case to show that there was a piece of vertebral bone that would strike the patient’s spinal cord when he moved to one side. This sickle-shaped bone fragment was not discerned on regular x-rays and had not been caught by the spinal surgeon who performed the vertebroplasty on my client.

Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau understands the difficulties athletes face when trying to prove objective signs of injuryWhile MRI, CT imaging, Myelogram and radiographs all have their place and uses, connective tissue injuries to the spine are not well demonstrated by any of these diagnostic studies.

.Ligamentous or “soft tissue” injuries of the spine can be painful, cause chronic conditions and are often un/under-diagnosed. DMX uses digital and optic technology that allow the doctors to view the joints in real time motion. And, the doctor can also see the patient’s face and “exterior” body in motion at the same time. I have seen such technology in use in Charlottesville, VIrginia, I have used this film as evidence in a death case and I am also advised that the Loudoun Spine & Sports Care ( /imaging_dmx.php) has the ability to perform such diagnostic testing.

Triathlon Trial Lawyer does other sports. Triathlon is not his only "racket"

TriathlonTrialLawyer plays table tennis and other racket sportsWhile visiting friends over Labor Day Weekend in West Virginia, I pulled out the dusty table tennis rackets and played ping pong for the first time in a very long time. I had learned from my parents and my grandfather, William Abrams. He was consistent and did not waste time in between points. He also did not believe in letting grandchildren win, and he forced us to get better. No “gimmes” for grandkids. Here I am playing against the son of a friend (and top defense lawyer) in a Beijung Summer Olympics t-shirt brought back from China by another attorney-friend who knew about my keen interest in these quaddrennial games.

Golf Cart Injuries

ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. successfully represented a golf professional injured when the golf cart in which he was a passenger rolled over. The number of people hurt in golf carts has more than doubled, researchers say. Part of the problem is that the carts are faster than they used to be. But they are also being used in ways they were not necessarily intended for and are carrying more and more people with the rising costs of gas and the spread of “cart friendly” retirement and other communities. Writing in the July issue of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the researchers said that from 1990 to 2006, the injury rate had doubled. The lead author was Daniel S. Watson of Ohio State University and the findings were picked up in the July issue of the Insurance Journal.

Over the period studied, the researchers counted injuries in almost 150,000 people ages two months to 96 years. The study found that many of the injuries were caused by falls, which can occur at speeds as low as 11 miles per hour when the cart turns. It was pointed out that newer carts can hit 25 mph. They often lack safety equipment, according to a co-author of the study, Tracy J. Mehan, a researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. For example, the majority of the carts in use do not have seat belts. A lack of front brakes makes the vehicles prone to fishtail, the study said. In addition to being injured by falling out, riders are hurt when the carts turn over, as was the case of our Virginia client, whose arm was fractured at a famous Maryland golf course. SEE

Reston Century Bike Ride

Sunday, August 24, I again participated in the Reston Bike Club’s Annual Century Ride. While we did not do the 100 mile plus route, we did complete over 55 miles on the roads and paths of Loudoun and Fairfax counties. My wife, Dennis Green, and Dr. Thomas Fleeter enjoyed the gorgeous day, well-stocked rest stops, and post ride festivities and food. Green, the Redskins Senior Vice President, took advantage of the free bicycle mechanics at the rest stops to fine tune his new bike. Fleeter, an orthopedic surgeon with the Town Center Orthopedic group in Reston and a superb distance cyclist, also volunteers with his partners at the Annual Reston Triathlon in September. While this ride used to start and end at the USGS, it now uses the Reston Town Center ice rink as its staging area. I recommend this fun ride to anyone who wants a safe, supported, inexpensive ride, where you can choose from several distance options. Helmets are mandatory, and wrist bands identified participants, who received t-shirts and lunch after the ride.

Connecticut Yankee runs Stonewall Jackson 5km, in Manassas, Virginia

The City of Manassas has a wonderful Farmers Market on Saturday mornings in the summer. I learned this last year when I participated in the Manassas Recreation and Parks “Stonewall Jackson 5k.” This year, my middle daughter, wife and I all participated. The course goes through the streets of “Old Manassas, and over 350 people ran this year. I managed to run a 19:54, which is 6:25 per mile average for 38th overall. More importantly, my daughter improved her 5k time an finished with a huge smile. We then bought veggies and a big watermelon to take home from the Farmers Market by the Amtrak Station.

The Recreation and Parks Department provides quality services and is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy, enjoyable and safe community while preserving our natural environment. Immediately following the Stonewall Jackson 5K Race/Walk, participants could get a mini-physical at no charge! Blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, bone density, blood sugar, body fat index, and more. This was certainly a change from donuts and cookies post-race ! Please visit for more information.

Luray Triathlon Race Report Continued – 2 clients besting their legal counsel !

When they got to the 1st turnaround (1.5 miles) into the run, Urbach had 50 sec. on Landau. Normally, he would have reeled him in like a flapping Dead Sea Bass, but when they passed the second time, Urbach had increased his lead to 1:40, even though no one had passed Landau ! Totally demoralized, Landau faded in the closing miles & got passed by 4 racers, including 2nd place AG finisher (see below), who is also an ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. client and frequent racer. What’s more, William “the Conqueror” Coquelin ran past Landau in the closing mile, with his arms at his sides, while the Triathlon Trial Lawyer flailed in vain to keep up.

Luray Olympic Distance Triathlon Age Group Award WinnersLandau has now completed the required 4 races, and is currently in 3rd place in their age group. More importantly, Urbach has been faster in the 3 they did together. For betting fans, they may meet again at the Virginia Triathlon Series Outback Big Lick Olympic Distance Race at Smith Mountain Lake (9/21) ! They are also both doing the Reston Triathlon (9/7) and the Nations Triathlon in Washington D.C. (9/14). September will be busy !

1. 503 46 ROB URBACH ARLINGTON VA 2 23:34 3 1:52 7 1:16:50 4 1:00 2 41:31 2:24:46
2. 122 48 WILLIAM COQUELIN ANNANDALE VA 6 25:53 11 2:25 5 1:15:27 3 0:58 3 42:19 2:27:00
3. 563 48 DOUGLAS LANDAU HERNDON VA 9 26:26 2 1:52 3 1:14:44 2 0:50 4 43:34 2:27:23

Luray Olympic Triathlon sees a First – Landau bested by not one, but TWO clients !

In their last meeting, the trash-talking “TriathlonTrialLawyer” got beat by the “Abdominator” Rob Urbach, BUT he of the 0% body fat got not one, not two, BUT 3 “bogus blocking” penalties on the crowded Culpeper course, adding 6 minutes to his time ! So Landau finished ahead in the scoring even though “Rocket Rob” finished first and BOTH finished out of the money in this Virginia Triathlon Series sprint race. However, Rob was still comfortably in 1st place in the overall standings, & was poised to have a good race over the longer, Olympic Distance course.

Doug Landau & client Rob Urbach after the Luray Olympic Distance Triathlon, August, 2008On race morning, it was foggy and warm, and the day turned out to be a beauty. It was a 2 loop swim, bike, run course, with plenty of hills (even in the lake !). Starting in the last wave, Landau lost sight of “The Rocket” after 7 strokes and 6 crunches. Even his famed echolocation failed. While no one successfully passed The “TTTTL” on the bike, unbeknownst to him, he was still almost 90 sec. behind. Urbach’s incredible transitions only gave the fast-stripping Landau 2 seconds ! [Race Report continued tomorrow .]

Doug Landau's "Top 10" List of Bone-Headed Things to do if you want to be injured in a bicycle crash

Bicycle visitors to ABRAMS LANDAU's home in Herndon, Virginia laugh at some of the stupid things some unsafe bike riders doHaving grown up riding a bike, commuting to school and jobs on 2-wheels and racing in bike road races and time trials, I have seen some of the very best (and worst) of cycling. While most riders observe safety and common sense precautions, other riders and members of the peloton seem to want to increase their chances for crashing, broken bones and brain injury. My “Top 10” list of things to do if you WANT to crash your bike and break some bones includes:

1. Talk on your cell phone, preferably with one or both hands off Continue reading

Keo Bicycle Pedal Recall!

 Keo Pedal

Apparently, the steel inside of the pedal can break, causing a serious hazard to bicyclists.  Read this for more information or call your local Look Cycle Dealer to arrange for shipping and free repair.   If you are injured, Abrams Landau is more than happy to help; but if we can prevent an injury, even better.