Free Intro to Triathlon Clinic – August 23 2014

Triathlons with friends are a fun way to keep fit

Triathlons with friends are a fun way to keep fit.

Our friends at Transition Triathlon in Leesburg, Virginia (just off the W&OD Trail !) are once again offering a FREE CLINIC for those interested in learning about triathlons.  If you have never before done a tri, but have been considering it, this is for you!

Date:  Saturday August 23, 2014
Time:  11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost:  FREE
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This clinic will cover the basics of triathlon.  The clinic will cover  race selection, gear that is required, gear you DON’T need, and what to expect on race day.  Bring your questions!

Herndon triathlon lawyer Doug Landau recommends anyone thinking of participating in a triathlon attend this clinic.  There is so much a first-timer may not know, and a free clinic to go over the basics is just the right preparation.

Here is the contact information for Transition Triathlon:

Transition Triathlon
222 S King St.  Suite 1  Leesburg, VA 20175


Give them a call today!

Podium in Maryland Triathlon Series Smallwood Sprint

Winning his age group by almost a mile today, Herndon injury lawyer (& SetUp Events sponsor) Doug Landau managed to podium at this morning’s race in Marbury Maryland. In order to complete the required 5 races for the Virginia Triathlon Series championship competition, Doug Landau will be competing in several Maryland Triathlon Series races.  The points from Maryland and Virginia races can be used for this super series’ scoring. Landau, a past VTS Age Group winner, has the Smallwood, Savageman and Watermans sprint races on his Maryland race calendar, along with the VTS Jamestown, Colonial Beach, Williamsburg and Acorn (Lake Anna) events on his 2014 calendar.

Located just outside Washington, D.C., this race takes place South of National Harbor off Indian Head Highway. Named in honor of Maryland’s fourth governor and the highest ranking Marylander to serve in the Revolutionary War, General Smallwood State Park is ideally situated for a triathlon. The swim takes place in the Mattawoman Bay, known across the Nation as a top spot for bass fishing. While lawyer Landau did not see any of these prized sport fish, he did see several racers doing the breaststroke, including strong multisport athlete Todd Pederson of North Carolina, who has already raced in 9 Set Up Events this season ! Back in the pack, as the water temperature was too warm for wetsuits, there was going to be a lot of catching up to do on terra firma.

Looking at past results, Landau noticed unusually long first transition times. Just as with the Jamestown Virginia race, there was a several hundred yards run from the finish of the swim to the bikes. Managing to average 22 mph for the 16 miles of rolling hills, Landau was often by himself, which resulted in one missed turn that was quickly remedied. Once out of the water, Landau was not passed until almost through the run course, by a 16 year old cross country runner. With about 2 km to go, Landau spied his friend and top Virginia multisport athlete Tom Stroup. Thinking he could catch big Tom, recently returned from the USAT National Triathlon Championships, Landau tried to bring his heart rate up from the 150s to his usual 160-170s, but he was not able to do so and missed by 10 seconds, 1:27:27 to 1:27:17 ! The Herndon Virginia injury lawyer noted,

My poor transitions today cost me; plus I just could not get up to top racing speed. However, I truly enjoyed the race and look forward to my next MTS forays. There were may friends here, and the camaraderie, friendliness of the volunteers, the excellent pre-race packet pick up meeting by Greg Hawkins and the good road surface conditions all made for a quality event. This is a race that all DC area triathletes should have on their radar for 2015 !

Lawyer Landau Best of Field in Fredericksburg Wounded Warrior Benefit Triathlon

Herndon disability and injury lawyer Doug Landau collects his 2014 Fawn Lake Triathlon overall winner and Wounded Warrior medals after this Spotsylvania Virginia sprint race.

Herndon disability and injury lawyer Doug Landau collects his 2014 Fawn Lake Triathlon overall winner and Wounded Warrior medals after besting the field at this Spotsylvania Virginia sprint race.

The big news of the 4th annual Fawn Lake Sprint Triathlon is that the event donated 100% of the race entry fees to the Wounded Warrior Project (“WWP”) thanks to the race sponsors’ generosity.

The Sprint Race was open to all ages. Beginning with a 700 meter swim in Fawn Lake, followed by a 12.32 mile bike ride through the Fawn Lake subdivision, and finishing with a 5k run besides the Spotsylvania community’s sylvan golf course.

Having finished 3rd in his inaugural try at this race, and then 4th last year, Doug Landau was hoping to improve upon his past performances. After all, the saying goes, “the third is the charm !”   Though well back in the pack after the swim, lawyer Landau had the fastest bike split (22 mph), the quickest combined transitions and the 2nd fastest run (at sub-7 minute mile pace).  As is often the case, once on dry dry land, Landau set about passing everyone he could see.  Finishing in 69 minutes, Landau was 2 minutes ahead of the next racer, who was a third the Herndon injury lawyer’s age.

In addition to numerous age group, masters and overall prizes, this is the ABRAMS LANDAU trial lawyer’s second overall triathlon title, having now won in Fauquier County and Spotsylvania County in 2014.  For those clients who want to see the best multistate triathlon trial lawyer “close to home,” check the newsletter schedule, as Landau will be competing in at least 6 more multisport sprint competitions this season, including  the Marine Corps race at Quantico, Bethany Beach Delaware, Virginia and Maryland Triathlon Series events,

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) serves veterans and service members injured or disabled as the result of their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. The mission of WWP is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history. The goals are:

  • To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.
  • To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
  • To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

NCAA Concussion Settlement

Doug Landau knows the effect of repeated concussions on the brain.  NCAA's settlement of a class-action lawsuit will provide education and diagnosis for college athletes.

Doug Landau knows the effect of repeated concussions on the brain. NCAA’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit will provide education and diagnosis for college athletes.

“Medical monitoring and future treatment will help those amateur athletes who have traumatic brain injuries going forward,” according to Herndon head injury lawyer Doug Landau, “and the education and early diagnosis in the future will hopefully prevent permanent disability that sidelines college sports team members who sustain a concussion.”  The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) — the governing body for college sports –  agreed to a settlement in a class-action head-injury lawsuit.  The suit is a consolidation of 10 lawsuits which combined, identify by name several dozen athletes who suffered brain trauma while playing contact sports in college.

The terms of the settlement, pending final approval by U.S. District Judge John Lee, are:

  • Create a $70 million fund for the purpose of diagnosing current and former college athletes to see if they suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) when playing contact sports in college.  Players who show signs of TBI will be responsible for paying for their own treatment.
  • Implement a consistent return-to-play policy whereby a player who takes a blow to the head may not return to play or practice that day.
  • Preserve the right for individual athletes to sue individually for specific damages.
  • Require baseline neurological tests at the start of each year for all athletes.
  • Mandate concussion education for athletes and coaches.
  • Establish an independent medical science committee to oversee medical testing.

The settlement has been met with controversy, however.  Critics believe money should have been set aside for the injured players themselves, rather than simply paying for diagnosis, monitoring, and education.

Virginia sports injury attorney Doug Landau believes the settlement terms will go a long way towards (1) helping those athletes who were injured during their past careers by helping them identify lingering symptoms of TBI and gain access to high quality medical care, AND (2) changing the culture of college sports so that future athletes may be spared repeated concussion and TBI going forward.

Landau is in favor of monitoring and education when it comes to concussions:

“Educating those involved is the first step towards preventing long-lasting effects of concussions,” notes Landau.  “As a personal injury lawyer, I have helped numerous clients who have suffered TBI.  The impact can be severe and life-changing.  If we can teach athletes, coaches, parents, college administrators, etc. about the dangers, we can affect change.  I take that responsibility quite seriously and literally here in my local community.  Each year, my firm donates free bike helmets and educates needy children on the effects of TBI in our “Putting Lids on Kids” program.   I believe you can never provide too much education about something as serious as permanent brain injury.”

If you or someone you know has been injured, suffering the effects of traumatic brain injury, and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

“Recovery Week” Does Not Mean a No Racing Week


Police would have to enforce a court Order to keep Herndon bike crash injury lawyer Doug Landau from racing at the annual trial lawyers conventions

Police would have to enforce a court Restraining Order to keep Herndon bike crash injury lawyer Doug Landau from racing at the Association for Justice trial lawyers conventions

The best triathletes and DUathletes use the time before a big race to “taper.” They train at reduced intensities and volume. Strength training is often suspended. Likewise, top runners, bikers and swimmers will take time off after a major competition. For Doug Landau’s “recovery week,” he will not be seen at any multisports competitions. BUT, the Herndon accident lawyer is registered for the Wednesday night DC Road Runners Club Mile & 3km Track Championships at St. Stevens School in Alexandria, Virginia.   Landau is a long-time DCRRC member, and has competed in these events many times.

Then, to keep his tradition alive, (of racing & winning at every American Association of Justice (“AAJ”) national trial lawyers convention for the last 30+ years), a 3 miler in Baltimore!  The AETNA/Maryland Physicians Care 5k Baltimore Road Race in Park Heights is Saturday morning before the AAJ Continuing Legal Education program.  Landau, formerly counsel to “Virginia Physicians Managed Care,” (“VPMCI”) will hopefully find a place to shower, with soap, before a full day of educational, professional development and networking appointments at the Baltimore Convention Center !

This Northern Virginia sports injury lawyer has won awards at road races, triathlons and DUathlons during trial lawyer conventions in Montreal, Hawaii, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Toronto, Arizona, Boston, Seattle, and Atlanta. Landau will again be speaking on the educational program as part of the Social Security Disability Sections presentation.  Racing Saturday, teaching Sunday, learning and striving to improve his trial and advocacy skills – always. Let’s see if lawyer Landau can keep his streak alive !

Landau Makes US World Championship Team

At the finish line of the US DUathlon Nationals, Herndon Virginia lawyer Doug Landau was all smiles after his best Run-Bike-Run Championship finish ever.

At the finish line of the US DUathlon Nationals in St. Paul Minnesota, Herndon Virginia lawyer Doug Landau was all smiles after his best Run-Bike-Run Championship result ever.

Lining up at today’s USAT DUathlon National Championship race in St. Paul, Herndon trial lawyer Doug Landau had 2 goals: to break 95 minutes and qualify to represent the United States at the 2015 World Championships.

With the Mississippi flooding last week, the Minnesota race course was changed to a 4.6km (2-lap) run, a 31km (3-lap) bike ride on bumpy roads and then a 4.4km (2-lap) run. So as not to get into too fast of a pace at the outset, Landau started at the back of the corral. The 50-59 group was one of the last to start, so the path on the levee and the bike course would be crowded. As he had seen them compete from the sidelines in Tucson Arizona last Fall (due to his double concussion), Landau knew that there were some very fast runners in his group. Despite running hard in the opening run, the Herndon lawyer found himself in 18th at the first turnaround. By the time he got on the bike, he was in 36th ! However, he fought hard on the bike to pass a few in his category.

Lawyer Landau after finding out that by "aging up," he was in the top 10 for the 55-59 age group slotted to go to the DUathlon World Championships in 2015

Lawyer Landau after finding out that by “aging up,” he was in the top 10 for the 55-59 age group slotted to go to the DUathlon World Championships in 2015

Both transitions were fast, as he had practiced them on the course over the past 72 hours. However, as had happened in several other championship DUathlons, 150 yards out of T-2, his hamstring seized, and he had to stop running. Stretching the muscle, contracting the contralateral quads, and kneading the knot helped slightly. As he saw several of the racers he had passed overtake him, Landau did an imitation “Forest Gump” shuffle, using his right leg almost exclusively. Once back up on the levee, he was able to shuffle a bit more quickly, and after the first mile, he was down to a 6:20/mile pace. Because he could not run “full out,” he was not tired or sore after the race.

At the finish line he was given receipt indicating that he was 16th in the 50-54, with the top 18 automatically qualifying for the World Championship next year. However, as Landau is 54 years old, the “age up” rules applied, and since he will compete at Worlds in the 55-59 group, he was given the ticket for 9th place in that group ! While Landau was pleased with the result, he knows he could have gone faster than his official time of 1:32:05. Still undecided as to the USAT Sprint Triathlon National Championships next month in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Landau had his best finish in a DUathlon National Championship and intends to get in top shape for next year’s big race to represent the “Stars & Stripes.”

Bikers and Triathletes Need a Great Mechanic to be the Best

Bike Mechanic Extraordinaire Bernard Kocis and lawyer Landau give worlds qualifier Gail Waldman a "lift" before departure for the USAT DUathlon National Championships in St. Paul

Bike Mechanic Extraordinaire Bernard Kocis and lawyer Landau give worlds qualifier Gail Waldman a “lift” before departure for the USAT DUathlon National Championships

As Doug Landau gets ready for this weekend’s USAT DUathlon National Championship race in St. Paul, Minnesota, he is thankful for all of the people in his life who have helped and encouraged him. Keeping him safe on the roads by maintaining and fixing his bikes is master mechanic Bernard Kocis of the award-winning Green Lizard Bike Shop in Herndon, Virginia. In addition to being a mechanic at championship and Olympic level bike races all over the world, Bernard has the patience (and sense of humor) to deal with high energy triathletes like lawyer Landau.  When Landau called the USAT official bike shop in last year’s national championships and mentioned who had prepared his bicycle, the owner of the company immediately recognized Bernard’s name and acknowledged his stature in the field.

After one episode where Kocis saved Landau from almost certain peril, the Herndon injury lawyer wrote, “Thanks Bernard, I owe you. Since I cannot bring you pastries or coffee [since the Green Lizard also has excellent coffee, smoothie, pastry and other snacks], what else floats your boat ?!!?

Bernard’s terse reply: “Happy customer floats all boats!! Thanks!”

I you need top mechanics in the vicinity of Herndon, Reston, or Eastern Loudoun County, the friendly Green Lizard bike shop is within sight of the W&OD Trail, a block from the Caboose at the 20 mile marker and perhaps 100 yards from the green-roofed Landau Law Shop.

Best on Land, Less by Sea!


John Lysher & Doug Landau on the podium after the Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon.  Both Lysher, of Fredericksburg, and Landau have been past Virginia Triathlon Series season Age Group Winners

John Lysher & Doug Landau on the podium after the Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon. Both Lysher, of Fredericksburg, and Landau have been past Virginia Triathlon Series season Age Group Winners

After visiting a client in Orange County Virginia, Doug Landau arrived in Colonial Beach in order to compete in both the  Virginia Triathlon Series Sprint Triathlon as well as the AquaVelo the next day.  Despite hours of driving, “my goals were not to get passed once I got out of the brackish water and to complete the bike course — both transitions and run — in under an hour,” notes Landau.

After a pedestrian swim, Landau ran up the pea gravel beach, jumped on his son’s bike (which had been retrofitted the day before), and took off on two wheels. He went back and forth with three other riders, but passed about 100 other competitors. One of those riders was penalized for drafting after the race was over.  Triathlons do not allow drafting off other cyclists, as it is supposed to be an individual time trial effort.  Once off the bike, Landau overtook the trio and passed 30 more runners. He accomplished his goal, finishing the land portion in under an hour and won his age group.  His friend John Lysher , who usually comes out of the water with a lead on lawyer Landau, also put in a strong performance and wound up on the podium.  Lysher has beaten Landau in races and in the overall series age group title in the past.  The Lysher family turned out in force in order to see John and his son compete as a relay the next day.

After a hiatus last year (from competing, not sponsoring !), Lawyer Landau is trying to race in enough events in order to qualify for the Virginia Triathlon Series (VTS) championship. Athletes must complete five or more races.  The points from their best five races are tallied for special VTS overall, master, and age group awards.  Some Maryland Triathlon Series events are counted towards the point tally, so it is possible to compete in several states, and have those scores added into your total. For complete race results, visit  Landau has now completed two qualifying events in Virginia, finishing on the podium both times.

Racing in the Potomac – Double Header Winning Weekend

SetUp Inc.'s Greg Hawkins,  VTS Sponsor Doug Landau & Terry McLaughlin of the YMCA after the 2014 Colonial Beach Triathlons

SetUp Inc.’s Greg Hawkins, VTS Sponsor Doug Landau & Terry McLaughlin of the YMCA after the 2014 Colonial Beach Triathlons

Long-time Race Director and friend, Terry McLaughlin, and his terrific crew, meshed perfectly with our friends at Set Up Events to make the  2014 Colonial Beach Triathlon festival weekend races go off without a hitch.  The Olympic and Sprint Distance Races are now part of the Virginia Triathlon Series.  The swims started out on the pea gravel shore, in water that was too warm for wetsuits. Not salty, not fresh, the water off Colonial Beach is brackish, which makes Landau feel more buoyant, without the heavy briny saltwater taste you get in your mouth swimming in the ocean.  The Potomac River swim was then followed by a mostly flat bike course through rural countryside. Upon return to the beach athletes embarked on a flat, fast out and back running course. Athletes were then treated to a post race feast, massages (by ART and Graston Technique Certified Doctors Shawn Pallotti of King George, VA  and Eric Bilson, of Fredericksburg, VA), live entertainment at night and could spend the day in Colonial Beach.

Lawyer Landau managed to win his age group in the Sprint Triathlon Saturday, breaking into the top 20 out of over 360 racers.  Once on dry land after his “pedestrian swim,” he managed to pass other competitors continuously during the hot bike and run.  On Sunday, he finished 3rd overall in the AquaVelo (swimming and biking only), despite a 40 min swim, by passing 10o bikers and averaging over 22 MPH !  For Full Results of the Sprint Race, click here.

En route to the race Friday afternoon, Landau had visited with a client in Orange, Virginia who was unable to travel because of the wounds and infection in her legs after being attacked and bitten by a dog while delivering the U.S. Mail.  From Orange, VA, the Landaus went to Fredericksburg to visit with lawyers who needed their help with a disability case.  If you would like to see Doug Landau “in action,” his Court, speech, teaching and racing schedule is in every newsletter and published online.  Our unique “Open Book” policy sets ABRAMS LANDAU apart from all other law firms in the country.  Check it out !

Colonial Beach Weekend Racing – Virginia Triathlon Series Joins Forces With the Family YMCA

2014 Colonial Beach tri

After a hiatus of several years, Doug Landau returned to race on the Potomac River at one of his favorite Virginia venues.  With the folks at Set Up Events joining forces with the Rappahannock family  YMCA, the 30th annual running of the Colonial Beach Triathlon was sure to be a hit.  The Triathlons held Saturday and Sunday are now part of the Virginia Triathlon Series.  With “something for everyone,” there were relays, military categories, and an “AquaVelo,” for those who only wanted to swim and bike the Olympic Distance course.

Doug and Virginia Beach multisport coach Dai Roberts (above, left) compared notes at packet pick-up for the Virginia Triathlon Series (VTS) Colonial Beach tradition.  The Dai Roberts Group has clinics for athletes of all levels.  With VTS event managers from Set Up Events helping with timing and logistics, experienced volunteers, and a safe venue, race director Terry Mclaughlin, from the Rappahannock YMCA, agrees that the weekend’s events are sure to be fixtures on the Mid-Atlantic MultiSport athletes’ calendars.

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