“Race on the Base” – Largest Reverse Triathlon in the USA Not Landau’s Best

After the "Race on the Base" Reverse Triathlon at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces military facility, Doug Landau needed to quickly return his borrowed bike & hop a plane back to Virginia !

After the “Race on the Base” Reverse Triathlon for the “Honoring our Fallen” and the “Rock our Vets” charities at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces military base, Doug Landau needed to quickly return his borrowed bike & hop a plane back to Virginia’s Dulles Airport !

Does a “Reverse Triathlon” require athletes to run, bike and swim BACKWARDS ?!!?  No, just the order of the events is revered, with multisport athletes crossing a mat at the end of the swim.  Joint Forces base at Los Alamitos California was the scene or number of races Sunday, including the famous reverse triathlon “Race on the Base.” In this event, competitors started out with a 5 Km road run, followed by a 13.1 mile bike ride over the runways, and finally a 200 meter swim in the heated, long course outdoor pool.

Feeling that this would be an excellent test of his winter “off season” fitness, Herndon sports injury lawyer Doug Landau signed up and arranged to borrow a bicycle. Lawyer Landau was coming off an easy week after last week’s USAT&F Masters 8km Road Racing National Championships. The Virginia triathlete felt ready to challenge California triathletes for a spot on the podium, as was the case at the Hermosa Beach Sprint Triathlon when he was in South California last Fall.

However, even before the race began, Landau noticed something was wrong. His lower legs were not working, and in fact his calf and soleus muscles were painful whenever he tried to go up on his toes. Usually his “bread-and-butter muscles, “his calves would not be able to help him this morning.

Instead, he planned to increase his stride rate and reduce his stride length so as to reduce impact, and avoid having to use his lower legs. Landau was going to run the 5km “flat-footed,” with a very rapid turnover. This strategy worked well enough for him to average 6:58 per mile for the 5Km ! Landau hopped on his bike and was able to average about 20 miles an hour, with a range from 16 to 30 miles an hour, due to the severe winds on the base’s runways.

Then heading back to the bike racks, Landau expected to pass many triathletes due to his usually swift transitions. However, he could barely hobble from his bike to the pool. His right lower leg was completely useless and he hopped the quarter mile to the pool. Herndon Virginia’s best triathlon trial lawyer was passed on all sides by flip-flop wearing South Californians. Expecting to easily break an hour and finish on the podium, Landau instead finished in 58:07, well down in the listings. This placed him 4th in the 50-54 age group and 40th out of 1,000 athletes.  While his time would have easily won the 55-59 age group, this race did not adhere to the USAT “age up rules.” Full results here.

Landau looks forward to another easy week, hydrotherapy, massage as well as stretching. Hopefully a fortnight of reduced training volume and intensity will enable him to get back to the heavy training for the World Championships this Fall. Stay tuned…

Road Race National Championships for the Best US Masters Runners Contested on Rolling Brea California Course

Age Group Runner up Friel of California and Doug Landau after the US National Masters Age Group Road Racing Championships

Age Group Runner up Molly Friel of Fresno California and Doug Landau of Herndon Oak Hill after the US National Masters Age Group Road Racing Championships

The best Masters runners and their teams assembled in Brea California for the United States 8 km. road racing National Championships this past weekend. The USATF-certified course took these experienced runners on a series of rolling hills and long straightaways through Brea’s retail districts and scenic neighborhoods.

The pre-race amenities and the post-race feed at the Brea Mall was one of the best outdoor race festivities Herndon Virginia lawyer Doug Landau has ever seen.  Race organizers had assembled “Southern California’s Finest Finish Line with awards, entertainment, a great sponsor expo and Southern California’s Finest Finish Line” with food from Orange County’s best restaurants.  The post race expo and food (& schwag) selection was outstanding, with many food trucks vendors and treats for this tired, sweaty Virginia trial lawyer.

The 24th Annual Brea 8K Classic was a USATF-sanctioned, chip-timed race, where the 2014 Nationals were also held.  The Brea 8K hosted the 2015 USA Track and Field Masters 8K Championships on a sunny, breezy, nearly perfect day. While attending the Association for Justice (“AAJ”) Winter meeting, lawyer Landau was able to leave the national trial lawyer convention in Palm Desert, race, and still get back for the lectures and other networking events !

This Northern Virginia injury lawyer has a 30+ year streak of racing at national conventions.  He was also served a large helping of “humble pie” after not racing for the last 3 months.  While he was the best finisher from Virginia (or the entire Maryland & Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area for that matter), he was also the only finisher from the DC metro region.  More impressive was Fresno’s Molly Friel, who was runner up in her age group. Finishing 2nd in the 45-49 group, Molly Friel averaged under 6 minutes per mile and hardly looks like she broke a sweat.  This fantastic South California athlete noted afterwards, “That was a little harder course than I expected :-)”  Showing her upbeat attitude, she wished lawyer Landau “Happy running!”

Lawsuit Over Fake Classes for Athletes at University of North Carolina


Fake classes certainly remove the word “student” from the term “student-athlete.” Former NCAA athletes filed a lawsuit against UNC-Chapel Hill for being deprived of an education.

A scheme of fake classes was recently uncovered at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC (UNC-Chapel Hill).  The classes, which were never actually held, were specifically for athletes to enroll in, in order to keep their grades up and maintain eligibility to play on their school’s team.

Two former student-athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill have filed a class-action lawsuit against both the university and the National Collegiate Athletic Association — NCAA.

The suit goes further than simply alleging UNC’s role in the fraud, but goes on to say that the fake classes amounted to an integral part of today’s athletics programs at big-name universities.  In fact, the suit says, academics have become the step-child to athletics, and the education promised by the NCAA is nothing more than an illusion.

In addition to monetary damages for the athletes impacted by the fake classes, the plaintiffs want an independent commission to be formed that will “review, audit, assess, and report on academic integrity in NCAA-member athletic programs and certify (the colleges provide) comparable educations and educational opportunities to athletes and non-athletes alike.”

Herndon athletes’ lawyer Doug Landau is appalled that such a scheme could have gone on for 18 years at such a well-known and well-regarded institution of higher learning.  “It certainly goes against the entire idea of a STUDENT – athlete,” notes Landau.  University academic departments’ challenges to the athletics departments “playing by different rules,” now take on a heightened significance.  As for the athletes, why did they not come forward sooner ?  Lawyer Landau asks, “If they do not get paid and they do not get an education, then what DO they get ?” Read more here

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/01/22/4496367/unc-faces-new-class-action-lawsuit.html#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/01/22/4496367/unc-faces-new-class-action-lawsuit.html#storylink=cpy
ead more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/01/22/4496367/unc-faces-new-class-action-lawsuit.html#storylink=cpy

Where Athletes are Not Strictly Tested for Drugs, Cheating is to be Expected: Antidoping System Failure in Kenya

Runners who dope in order to win marathons rob honest athletes of their chance to enjoy the winner's podium.

Runners who dope in order to win marathons rob honest athletes of their chance to enjoy the winner’s podium.

When there is no referee, cheating is more likely to occur. And in the absence of consistent, stringent testing, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and endorsements at stake, shortcuts and unsportsmanlike conduct becomes almost a certainty.

According to an article in the New York Times, American marathoner and 1972 Olympic gold medalist Frank Shorter has been coming down hard on athletes who dope for years.  Not coincidentally, Shorter also happens to be a former chairman of the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Recently Rita Jeptoo, a 3-time winner of the Boston Marathon and 2-time winner of the Chicago Marathon who hails from Kenya, failed an initial drug screening for the endurance-boosting substance EPO.

If you listen to Shorter, this was to be expected since Kenya, which like many African countries has dominated the marathon scene for years, does not have in place a solid system for anti-doping.

Jeptoo’s failed test casts a shadow on all other Kenyan runners.  Do Kenya’s lax anti-doping policies permit all of them to dope?  Have they been doping all along?  Is that why they’re so dominant?

Shorter believes all runners should be regularly tested by an international, impartial agency who does not have a dog in the fight, instead of by an under-funded, laxly controlled, and most likely biased organization from the athlete’s own country.

Virginia athletes’ lawyer Doug Landau is all for Shorter’s idea for drug testing.  Landau has competed in regional, national and international races where prize winners have been tested. Everyone should play by the same rules.

“Where is good sportsmanship?” wonders Landau.  “There are no excuses for the long list of Kenyan athletes who broke the rules. But they have already pocketed the money, the fame, the appearance fees.  Those athletes who went by the rules will never be able to turn back the clock and get their own day in the sun.  When cheater Rosie Ruiz stole the Boston Marathon win from Jacqueline Gareau in 1980, the ceremony cobbled together a week later by the Boston Athletics Association was not the same as when all the spectators and athletes are there to bask in the champion’s glory. All these cheaters bring shame to the Kenyan Athletic Association.”

What do you think?

Celebrating the Fairfax County Bicycle Master Plan

photo 1(6)Herndon bike injury advocate Doug Landau was honored to attend an “invitation only” celebration of the passage of the Fairfax County Bicycle Master Plan.  The event’s venue — the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Community Room at the Reston Metro Plaza, in Reston, Virginia — was perfect for this cycling celebration.

The reception was planned to thank those who assisted in the passage of the county’s Bicycle Master Plan.

Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB) was instrumental in garnering support. The Fairfax County Bicycle Master Plan was adopted by unanimous vote of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors last October.  It is the first-ever comprehensive master bike plan for the largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Here are some photos of the reception, where guests enjoyed down-home food, good beer, and live music.
Beer (and root beer) were on tap and being served by our friends at Green Lizard Cycling!

Beer (and root beer) were on tap and being served by our friends at Green Lizard Cycling!


Congressman Gerry Connelly and Senator David Marsen listen to the F.A.B.B. speakers as Reston Bike Club Member Melissa Landau and other local Northern Virginia Cycling advocates and supporters applaud.

Congressman Gerry Connelly and Senator David Marsden listen to the F.A.B.B. speakers as Reston Bike Club Member Melissa Landau and other local Northern Virginia Cycling advocates and supporters applaud.














Herndon bike lawyer Doug Landau enjoys the cycle cookies as Lifetime Fitness indoor triathlon champion Eric Mackem of Reston samples some of the local brewery’s offerings.

Herndon bike lawyer Doug Landau enjoys the cycle-shaped cookies as Lifetime Fitness indoor triathlon champion Eric Mackem of Reston samples some of the local brewery’s offerings.

Here Comes the Judge!

Landau, left, donned a judge's robe to participate in the William B. Spong Invitational Moot Court Tournament in Williamsburg, VA.

Lawyer Landau, left, joined NJ Supreme Court Justice Anne Patterson and her law clerk, William & Mary law student & tournament problem writer Aaron Gold, in donning a judge’s robe to participate in the William Spong Invitational Moot Court Tournament in Williamsburg, Virginia

Last spring, athlete’s lawyer Doug Landau raced in the Fairfax Bar Association’s “Run for Justice” dressed as “Swift Justice.”  Donning a judge’s robe and clutching a gavel, Lawyer Landau enjoyed this race in which costumes are not only welcome, but encouraged. Finishing first amongst costumed participants and being among the top 10 overall, Landau is used to excellence in and out of the courthouse.

This week Landau once again donned a judge’s robe, but this time it was to take part in the 44th annual William Spong Invitational Moot Court Tournament held at the William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Landau, one of 10 practicing attorneys and members of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) asked to participate, served as a judge alongside actual judges from the West Virginia, New Jersey and Minnesota Supreme Courts; U.S. District Courts from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Iowa. In addition there were judges from the Richmond and Hampton Circuit Courts and Virginia Court of Appeals.  Landau noted, “The quality of advocacy and judging was top rate; I hope that I am asked back next year.  It was a great learning experience for everyone involved.”

Landau at William & Mary Law School

Doug Landau, shown here at the William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia

The Spong Tournament is one of the highest ranked moot court competitions in the mid-Atlantic region and attracts top law schools from all over the United States.  Landau was particularly impressed by a team from Texas that argued both sides of the same Constitutional question in consecutive rounds.  As the students were peppered by questions from the bench, they were required to think fast on their feet.  The early rounds had panels of only 3 judges, the quarter and semi finals had 5 judges, and the finals had a panel of 9 judges questioning the competitors !

“These law students were impressive in their knowledge of constitutional law and their ability to debate complex issues.  Their oral arguments were well-researched, well-thought out, and well-delivered.  As a fierce competitor myself, I appreciate how much preparation, skill, and confidence these scholars demonstrated throughout the tournament,” noted Landau.

How Long Does it Take For a Virginia Bike Crash Case to Get to Trial?

Robyn Wishart

Neuroscience & trial strategy expert Robyn Wishart has a new job — Owner at Brain & Spine Law, in British Columbia, Canada

Reading about his friend Robyn Wishart’s bike crash case, Herndon bike injury lawyer Doug Landau noted that Wishart said it often takes four years or more for the parties to be ready to get a court date.

Wishart, one of the best lawyers for brain injuries in Canada, noted that generally, injuries must heal before setting a trial date. That may be the case in Vancouver where she practices, however many permanently injured clients of Landau’s firm, Abrams Landau Ltd., never fully heal, and sometimes several surgeries are required to treat the harms caused by the careless driving of the defendants.

According to Landau, Virginia courts do not require injured cyclists to wait until they have reached “maximum medical improvement” before instituting a lawsuit, or even trying their lawsuit before a jury. In fact, at the Abrams Landau Law Shop, we have tried cases where the treatment was still underway, and a long-term outlook was anything but certain.

According to lawyer Landau, “It should not be for the defendants to have the use of the money while the innocent plaintiff suffers.”

If it is a situation where the treatment of the injuries might cost between $73,000 and $89,000, Landau asks the jury for an amount to cover $89,000 in medical bills, medication, and future care. That is because, in United States, the plaintiff cannot appear before the jury a second time. The jury has to get it right for the Virginia biker this one and only time. There is no second time where they can render a verdict for additional damages.

By bringing a case in a timely manner, with doctors who can educate the jurors and judges as to what would likely to be in the future, there is no reason to delay a trial. Bringing an injured bike rider’s case to court promptly allows the members of the local community to render a verdict that is just, fair, and without undue delay.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a bike accident in which you were injured and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Matrix Fitness Strength Training Machines – Recalled

Five models of Matrix strength training machines like the one pictured here have been recalled because the handle can detach, causing injury.  Stop using the product and call the manufacturer for a repair.

Five models of Matrix strength training machines like the one pictured here have been recalled because the handle can detach, causing injury. Stop using the product and call the manufacturer for a repair.

Matrix Fitness Varsity series strength training machines have been recalled because the handle on the machines can detach during use and hit the user with force.

Ouch!  Imagine being struck — and even knocked down — when the handle of the strength machine you’re using hits you!

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice, the recall involves five specific models with chrome frames, stacked weights, overhead pulleys, and some with black or blue vinyl seats and thigh supports:

  • VY-6021 Lat Pulldown
  • VY-6042 Bicep/Triceps Press
  • VY-6046 Lat Pulldown/Low Row
  • VY-6099 Total Body Trainer
  • J7021 Special Order Lat Pull

These machines were sold between July 2013 and October 2014 by Johnson Health Tech North America and its dealers nationwide for between $3,300 and $4,000.

If you own one of these machines, immediately stop using it and contact Johnson Health Tech North America to schedule a repair.

Also, because these machines are often used in commercial fitness centers like health clubs, hotels, apartment complexes, schools, rehab centers, etc., be sure you check the brand and model when visiting one of these types of facilities.  You can find the word “Matrix” and the model number printed on a white sticker at the base of the machine.  Notify the management if there is a question about the safety of the equipment.

If you or someone you know has been injured while using a defective sports product and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Wrestlers File Concussion Lawsuit

Herndon sports injury lawyer Doug Landau understands how traumatic brain injury (TBI) can impact someone's life.  But who is liable for wrestlers who have sustained head trauma after participating in wrestling exhibitions?

Herndon sports injury lawyer Doug Landau (pictured here with a model of the human brain) understands the impact traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on someone’s life. But is the WWE liable for TBI in wrestlers who have sustained head trauma from participating in repeated wrestling exhibitions?

Last month two former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers filed suit against WWE claiming the organization subjected them to serious brain injury by forcing them to continue to wrestle despite the players suffering repeated concussions in the ring.  Furthermore, they claim the WWE knew or should have known that the brutality of the sport would cause a variety of medical problems, including traumatic brain injury (TBI).

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the wrestlers join the ranks of other athletes — professional football players, college athletes, and soccer players — who have recently taken a stand against their sport for ignoring concussion safety protocol and subjecting its players to repeated blows to the head.

The wrestlers contend they were forced to continue to wrestle despite losing consciousness before and during wrestling matches.  Long term effects like memory loss, depression, anxiety, tremors, convulsions, and impaired ability to reason continue to plague the two plaintiffs.

Herndon brain injury lawyer Doug Landau notes that if the doctors hired by the wrestling shows misled the actors, there may be some liability for medical negligence.

However if there was no specific negligence, but simply cumulative head trauma as a result of participating in these wrestling exhibitions, Landau says it is unclear as to how successful such a lawsuit would be.  This is especially true given the defensive notions of assumption of the risk and contributory negligence:

  • Assumption of risk is the the voluntary assumption of a known and appreciated risk.  In this case against the WWE, the argument for the wrestling organization would be that the wrestlers fully understood, appreciated, and willingly accepted the dangers of wrestling.  Under assumption of risk, the WWE would not be held liable for any damages.
  • Contributory negligence is the proposition that if an injured person’s injuries were caused in any part by his or her own negligence, he or she is not entitled to collect any damages (money) whatsoever from the party that was the major cause of the injury.

We will continue to follow this case.

If you or someone you know has been injured while playing a sport and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Reston Bicycle Club Annual Swap Meet and Social

The end of February will   bring warmer weather.  Even if not, come out to the Reston Bicycle Club's 3rd Annual Swap Meet & Social on Feb 22 in Herndon.

The end of February will HOPEFULLY bring us closer to warmer weather and cycling here in Virginia. Even if it’s still cold, come out to the Reston Bicycle Club’s 3rd Annual Swap Meet & Social on Feb 22 in Herndon.

Have you ever been to ArtSpace in Herndon, Virginia?

It’s a very cool community art gallery created and supported by art lovers in the Herndon area.  Located at 750 Center Street, ArtSpace is just down the road from the Abrams Landau, Ltd. office.

Later this month, ArtSpace will be the venue for the Reston Bicycle Club‘s 3rd Annual Swap Meet and Social.

This annual event is an opportunity for bike enthusiasts to get their hands on gently used “must have” equipment, as members of RBC prepare for warmer weather with a little “spring cleaning.”

Herndon bike crash attorney Doug Landau believes the Swap Meet is a win-win — those looking for equipment can pick some up at a reasonable price, and those looking to upgrade, downsize, or just clean out their garage can do just that!  Recycling gently used cycling equipment is great for the entire community.

And, there will be free beer, wine, and soda!

Here are the details:

  • Date: Sunday, February 22, 2015
  • Time: 3-7pm
  • Place: ArtSpace Herndon – 750 Center Street in Herndon, VA
  • Cost: Bring an appetizer to share.
  • RSVP: Click here.

Hope to see you there!


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