Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

The best lawyers and athletes call upon the triad of planning, confidence, and practice to stay vigilant, like this hawk, in the pursuit of excellence — whether in seeking justice for a client or striving for the podium in a race!

Too often, athletes and lawyers get sidetracked by distractions and short-term objectives. The best lawyers and athletes know to look long-term if they are to be successful year after year.

Rather than get out of shape and not use the winter efficiently, Herndon lawyer Doug Landau uses this time of year — when there are no multisport races to contend — to plan out his next season, and also modulate long-term goals.

“Taking the time, well in advance, to determine where you want to be and how you want to get there, pays large dividends,” notes Landau. “At our law shop, we eschew last-minute preparation, and try to have the cases ready so as to avoid scrambling at the 24th hour.”

An example of Landau’s thoughtful evolution as an athlete can be seen in his race selection after three decades of participation.

After meeting with success in both Olympic and Sprint Triathlons, lawyer Landau noted that he was having trouble training for and finishing on the podium in races lasting over 100 minutes.  This was especially true in the Duathlon National Championship standard distance races.

For that reason, he switched to exclusively sprint distance races and wound up 3rd in the country at the Duathlon National Championships and was named a Triathlon All American after winning his age group in the competitive Maryland and Virginia Triathlon Super Series.

 “Like the Herndon hawk in the picture above that patiently watched me as I was training on a cold, wet fall day, I try to keep my eyes focused on short AND long-term goals in my law practice and my athletics. Just as this raptor needs to be successful nearly every time it leaves its perch, I feel the need to win every case for my injured clients and be on the podium at every race. Planning, confidence, and practice all help me to be able to help those who call on me and my staff for legal assistance. Likewise, this same triad enable me to keep competing with athletes half my age !”

Look for lawyer Landau to be competing in the 2016 USA Sprint National Championships in Duathlon in Bend, Oregon in June and in Triathlon in Omaha, Nebraska in August.

Closer to home, he is contemplating 2016 MTS/VTS events, as well as sprint events from May to October in the mid-Atlantic region.

Races in places where Landau will be teaching other trial lawyers, traveling for cases, and visiting family are also under consideration in Florida, New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Carolina, and Delaware.




DC Bike Share allows tourists, residents, visitors, and commuters the opportunity to bike on a beautiful day.

You Can Use DC Bike Share to go to the Office of Workers’ Compensation

DC Bike Share allows tourists, residents, visitors, and commuters the opportunity to bike on a beautiful day.
DC Bike Share allows tourists, residents, visitors, and commuters the opportunity to bike on a beautiful day.

While nearly every worker who comes before the DC Workers’ Compensation Board would not be able to avail themselves of the DC Bike Share program, some might decide this is an economical, environmentally friendly, and fun way to get to the Wisconsin Avenue hearing location on good weather days.

Doug Landau tried a case earlier this week before the compensation judge, on a day when bicycling would’ve been a nice option.

The temperature was in the 70s, the sun was in the sky, and the hearing was in the middle of the day.

He might even have had a better time over the last several miles, due to the traffic jam on the Rose Avenue exit leading up to the Minnesota Avenue government building.

Lawyer Landau intends to ride his bike to court in the future, and has done so for pre-trial motions in Leesburg.  Loudoun County Circuit Court is not far from the W & OD Trail, which runs right by the Abrams Landau office.

With his shoes, his files, and other items — including his laptop — in a backpack, Landau simply stows his helmet in his backpack when he gets to court!

Summer Starter Landau

Olympic Course For Sydney Summer Starter Road Races

Summer Starter LandauFollowing portions of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Marathon course, Melissa and Doug Landau participated in the Summer Starter 10km road race.

Several thousands of runners took advantage of the special express trains from Downtown Sydney to race around the Olympic venues on a picture perfect day in New South Wales.

This was Doug Landau’s third race Down Under, and once again he was served a heaping portion of humble pie by the very fit and friendly Aussies.

While finishing with an average pace a tick under 7 minutes per mile, and coming in the top 5% overall, lawyer Landau was well off the podium in 5th in the 50-59 category.

Unlike many American races, there were yoga mats, stretching bands, physic balls and other equipment for the athletes. There was live music, free massages, an excellent bag drop area and family entertainment.

Lawyer Landau tried his hand at the cricket style “bowling” (ball throwing) arcade, as well as other booths.

Summer Starter race tentsMelissa Landau finished in 57:20, using the pacesetter runners to keep a consistent speed. Many local running clubs had large turnouts, including the Sydney Striders and the Australian Running Mums.

If travel takes you to Australia, bring your running shoes as you will have a lot of fun in OZ land!


Running and Swimming with the Best Biathletes Down Under

Doug Landau found some fit and fast Aussies at a biathlon in Sydney Australia!

Finding out about a run and swim (“biathlon”) race that was to take place the evening of his arrival in Sydney, Virginia lawyer Doug Landau jumped at the chance to compete against an international field of Multisport athletes.

Starting with a “rolling” 4km run through the city’s scenic Botanical Gardens and then followed by a 300m swim, the Landaus had to run from their hotel after checking in to make the 6:30PM start.

The biathlon was held at the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool on Mrs. Macquarie’s Road, The Domain. The harbor side pool was a salty and long course, which would be a first for this Yank and his bride.

Over 3,000 people participated in the event last year, and this year athletes from Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand, England, Australia, Canada, and the United States toed the starting line.

The friendly folks at Anderson Events could not have been more helpful. There was even a supper planned after the race at the Wallamalloo Pub, down the quay.

IMG_1197Landau enjoyed fish and chips while the race director gave out well-received random awards to nearly every participant.

If you have the chance to do so, sign up for one of the Anderson Events ABC Biathlons, as there are 10 such races organized each season in Sydney, Australia.

While lawyer Landau ran hard, averaging 6:36/mile, he was 20th in his heat and 37th overall in 23:07.  There are some fit, fast Aussies in Sydney!


Cyclist Dies in Collision With Truck

Doug Landau and Matty Smith
Safe cycling on the roads means staying alert and aware — using all five senses. Lawyer Doug Landau, shown here on the right, urges all cyclists to refrain from using headphones or other things which would hamper your ability to sense impending danger.

After seeing several crashes on the bicycle course during the preview rides for the ITU World Championships last month, bike crash lawyer Doug Landau noted the headline, “Cyclist Dies in Collision.”

Apparently a female cyclist was killed in a crash with a truck.

The middle-aged biker was wearing headphones, so police were investigating whether or not she had been aware of the truck when tragedy struck.

The impact occurred in broad daylight, and she was the second biker to have died on South Australia road in the last 5 days.

“This tragic event underscores how important it is to make use of ALL your senses when biking on the roads,” notes lawyer Landau. “You may hear, feel, and even smell a large truck or bus. Why would you deprive yourself of one of the senses that would help you avoid danger and unnecessary injury ?”

Ear buds, headphones and skull candy are all prohibited in triathlon and Duathlon competition because of safety issues.

Adds Landau, “these rules are for the elite athletes with amazing physical conditioning and reaction times. So the rest of us should certainly take a cue from the professionals and keep our eyes AND ears open at all times when biking.”

If you or someone you know has been involved in a crash involving a car, truck, bus or other motorized vehicle, and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Landau team usa

HPC CompuTrainer Workouts vs. VeloLabs Indoor Group Bike Workouts

Landau team usa
Although not a coach himself, Herndon lawyer Doug Landau is often asked his opinion on training devices and protocols, sports safety issues, and athletic facilities.

While Doug Landau does not intend to be anyone’s coach, he is asked to weigh in on training devices, protocols, sports safety issues & athletics facilities.

This week Landau was asked:

As I get back to training I wanted to ask you what you think of the VeloLabs trainer workouts now being offered at the GreenLizard Bike Shop now that they have lost top coaches Susan Hefler & Pierre Pelletier? How does it compare with the HPC CompuTrainer workouts?

First, there are some athletes who will simply decide this question based upon location.

Top NC & VA Age Group triathlete & training partner Steve Bradley is rejoicing over HPC’s move to Catoctin Circle in Leesburg, just off of the W&OD Trail.

Since he lives in Loudoun County, Bradley’s choice is an easy one. The HPC training system has a proven track record, producing bike, duathlon and triathlon champions of all ages, from juniors to grand masters. Landau went to their classes after they moved from down the block, and the classes were simply more challenging than those he had taken with the new VeloLabs system in Herndon.

On the other hand, the VeloLabs system does not require use of your rear wheel or special skewer, saving wear & tear on your bicycle.

The system allows for workout summaries to e-mailed to you, saving having to take picture of the numbers at the end of the workout.  The data can be downloaded to some online & computerized training programs, but a my Polar Coach Heart Rate system.

Landau has found the workouts not as challenging, have lags in the wattage and not amenable to changing your FTP watts numbers on the fly if you’re having an “off” day (or if you have a lot left in the tank at the end of the session).

The VeloLabs gang is trying to work out these kinks, as well as allow for a proper warm up & cool down. Landau also finds one-legged cycling much easier on the CompuTrainer.

As for cost, there seems to be no discount for signing up for a session vs. single VeloLab classes, unlike with HPC, but the Green Lizard has posted the class schedule on the door and it appears there will be more classes in Herndon each week.

One aspect that appeals to Landau and other competitive Multisport athletes & cyclists is the fact that at HPC  a cyclist can ride “against” top riders from Sue Hefler’s professionally coached team.

The jury is still out on who will be pushing the pack now in Herndon.

Certainly, either venue will be of greater benefit to Landau than just training alone. These classes are the only times he has been able to train with a group. Needless to say, even for a sprint triathlete, it gets lonely out there ! If distance is not an issue, give them both a try (or 2), and see which suits your cycling goals.

Full disclosure dictates that Landau notes that Susan & Pierre have performed VO2 max, SpinScan & other sports physiology  testing on him,  as well as advised, coached & treated him with performance issues.

Win the Future (WTF), Young America!

In 2012, Larry Pratt –  known to Doug Landau both as a wonderful history instructor at the Madeira School and as a fellow Hotchkiss alum –  left teaching to start a non-profit organization, Win the Future (WTF), Young America.

WTF is geared toward getting young people (ages 18-50) to vote.

Pratt has done a ton of research and tried out a variety of ideas, but, as you might guess, it’s a bit tricky to get such an adventure up and running.

There are two upcoming events aimed at raising sufficient funds to keep the organization afloat:

Event #1: A fun 5K run/walk in Arlington, VA on Sunday, November 1. Registration has closed for this event BUT the point of this run is to raise awareness and, even more importantly, to raise money for Event #2…

Event #2: A bar crawl on Tuesday, November 3rd in Clarendon, VA.

The wrist bands for this will be handed out at the polls (right outside of the polls) in 7 different locations in Arlington, polling locations where a lot of young people are registered! (Ah ha! Therein lies the connection – come vote AND later, join the party!)

Here’s the challenge: While the participating bars have been fantastic, as has Arlington County and the police department, it turns out that it’s expensive (and required) to have police presence at a bar crawl – $6 per expected person! (Larry is hoping to have 1000 participants… that’s a lot of money!)

Here’s the goal: If this event is successful, Larry and his employees can talk about their ideas to sponsors, and then the sponsorships will come pouring in, and then all the young people in the United States will vote in EVERY election, and then life will be fabulous for all of us!

How can you help?? In these ways:

Donate to the GoFundMe.

SPREAD THE WORD!!  Share this with anyone you know who might be willing to help out by donating money. Just a little bit will go a long way toward paying for the bar crawl AND will let sponsors know that this is a great idea!

mal dkwl on bikes

Overtaking Law Designed for Bike Safety

Landaus on bikes
New bike safety laws in Australia specify the safe distance by which cars and trucks must pass by cyclists on the roads. Lawyer Doug Landau, shown here with wife Melissa enjoying a bike ride in Australia, wishes US legislators would take a cue from their Australian counterparts and enact stricter overtaking laws.

New bike safety laws implemented this week in the wake of two cycling fatalities in the last fortnight are causing controversy, reports Doug Landau from Australia.

The new requirement means that cars and trucks must keep a certain distance when overtaking these non-motorized vehicles. The distance is set at a minimum of one metre (a bit over a yard) in a 60km/hour or less zone (37 MPH) and 1.5 metres on roadways with higher speed limits.

According to one commentator in the Australian press, “The new overtaking law is obviously designed to ensure the safety of cyclists [who] have no protection to speak of if they collide with motor vehicles…our laws should be written to maximise the safety of cyclists.” (Advertiser.com.au, 10/19/2015 p. 18)

However, there is concern that the new overtaking law leaves too much room for error.

Human error and the failure to “drive (AND bike) defensively” often results in needless injury.

The overtaking law provides that a motor vehicle must pass bicycles at a “sufficient distance” to avoid a crash. Some people may think 18 inches is sufficiently safe. However, if the biker and the car driver or trucker simultaneously move only a foot closer, a collision will occur.

With the new law, there is no room for doubt.

American bike crash injury lawyer and frequent multisport bicycle racer Doug Landau asserts that the overtaking laws should be uniform and enforced consistently.

“Passing a bicycle rider in a car or truck with less than 3-4 feet between is a recipe for disaster. The “share the road” signs and stickers are not just good manners. They speak to the safety of everyone on the roads; not just those with engines. Bikers and motorists need to coexist, not compete for space on our surface roads.”

Lawyer Landau, of the Herndon, Virginia law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd., thinks American legislators should take a cue from their Antipodean counterparts and enact such cycling safety laws.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a biking accident and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Racing on a Rented Bicycle at the World Championships?

Rented bike adelaideWhile Doug Landau leaves nothing to chance for triathlons, he opted not to ship his bicycle on the way to the land “down under”. Rather, the Triathlon Trial Lawyer rented a bike from Raceday Transport

In this photo, Landau is shown testing out the bike for which he sent his measurements weeks earlier so that expert mechanics could ensure the proper fit.

In order to maximize safety, it was important to be fit with a bike having the same dimensions of the racing bike Landau uses back home in Virginia.

While lawyer Landau has raced on rented and borrowed bikes successfully in the past, this is his first foray at a ITU World Championship race.

The other advantage of renting wheels and frame is eliminating the stress of breaking down the bike, and shipping it across the world. Landau has utilized the services of Raceday Transport at the Duathlon Championships  and found their mechanics top notch and willing to help solve any safety issues that may arise before a race.

Post- Race Celebration Aussie Style

Havelock Hotel Havelock Hotel Cider Havelock Hotel MelisssaAfter competing against the best multi sport athletes in the world, Doug Landau went to the best pub in Adelaide in order to unwind.

The General Havelock Hotel is renowned throughout Southern Australia for the depth of its bar offerings and wide variety of foods.

Doug and Melissa Landau not only had the kangaroo appetizers, but also the schnitzel with chips (french fries) with Diane sauce, and the amazing sticky date pudding.

Plus, Manager Jay at the bar treated Lawyer Landau to several rounds of delicious Adelaide Hills cider.

Jay and Doug had met while the Aussie was traveling on the Amtrak Acela train from New York City to Washington DC with the Harvey family.  Landau had shared advice on what to do in our nation’s capital, how to get there, and what to see with the Australian family.  In turn, they shared tips with the American lawyer on things he should do “Down Under” after the Duathlon World Championships.

All in all, it was a very worthwhile train ride!

If you are heading to Adelaide, The Landaus strongly recommend General Havelock Pub and Hotel for food, drink, or just a good time.