Road Construction Near Herndon VA Law Firm Abrams Landau

Runners, cyclists, walkers, and motorists are used to dodging traffic obstacles. But road closures present all sorts of problems, not the least of which can be a parking shortage!

At the office of Abrams Landau, Ltd. located in Historic Herndon, there is road construction going on — right in front of our building.

If you are visiting our office in the near future, please be aware that there is plenty of free, covered parking very close by. You may park in the municipal parking lot underneath the new City Hall, adjacent to the Fortnightly Library and Courthouse buildings. Click here to access driving directions to the garage.

As you can see from these photos, the town is tearing up the street in a big way!

Road Construction in front of Abrams Landau in Herndon VAWe apologize for any inconvenience. If you need assistance, please call our office at 703-796-9555. Road Construction in front of Abrams Landau office in Herndon VA Road Construction in front of Abrams Landau office in Herndon VA

Mid-Atlantic Multisport Season is Underway – Summit & Expo Draws the Best DC, Maryland & Virginia Triathletes to Compete, Learn & Improve

After racing around the track barefoot & stripping off his dry wetsuit, Doug Landau won his heat at the DC Multisport Expo's Transition Race at American University

After racing around the track barefoot & stripping off his (dry) wetsuit, Doug Landau won his heat at the DC Multisport Summit’s Transition Race at American University

Running bare footed around the American University track in his wetsuit Saturday morning was how Herndon triathlete Doug Landau started his jam-packed weekend !

Lawyer Landau had entered the “REV3 Transition Competition” to see if he had gotten rusty during the “offseason.” This was just the first of several competitive events held at TRI-MANIA Washington DC, held this year at the campus of American University. Developed in partnership with USAT Mid Atlantic, the TRI-MANIA Summit and Expo offered the area’s best Triathletes, DUathletes, and others educational seminars, athletic competitions, and the chance to check out (and purchase) the latest bikes, nutritional supplements, and other sports gear.

The start of the Transition Race at the DC Multisport Summit at American University

The start of the Transition Race at the DC Multisport Summit

Landau signed up for the Transition Race, since he often has the best times transitioning between the swim and the bike, and the bike and the run sections of the triathlons he competes in around the country. However, he has never competed in just a transition race !

This unique track event was designed specifically for triathletes. All participants were to run 1/4 mile on the AU outdoor track, but here’s the catch… all athletes needed to start the race wearing a wetsuit and swim cap and in bare feet — no shoes.  On “GO!” athletes were to run about half way around the track to a transition area where they stripped off their wetsuit, slipped on their shoes and completed their loop on the track.  This was a timed event and the top 3 males and females were be awarded prizes.  Adding to the fun and excitement, Mike Reilly, the Voice of Ironman, was the race announcer.

How did lawyer Landau do ? Despite the cold, he won his heat, but was several seconds off the winner’s time of 1:30. “Rookie mistakes and fighting with my wetsuit cost me the win,” said Landau, who completed the circuit in 1:33 and then cheered for the relay teams.

Olympic gold medalist Sheila Taormina giving swim tips at the AU pool

Olympic gold medalist Sheila Taormina giving swim tips at the AU pool

More importantly, Landau attended the educational programming, including presentations by doctors, physical therapists, Olympic Athletes, and top National Coaches.  “The Future of Sports Medicine: Non Surgical Solutions for Chronic Triathlon Injuries” was of particular interest to Landau, as was his friend and exercise physiologist Ken Mierke’s presentation “Training by Heart Rate and Power: Managing Workout Intensity for Optimal Efficiency.” In order to get better in the swim, the Landaus attended 4x Olympian, Gold medalist and USAT Hall of Famer Sheila Taormina’s talk, and Mrs. Landau got in the AU pool for a Total Immersion swim clinic!

The Landaus also visited with the friendly folks who host the Virginia & Maryland Triathlon Super Series events, as Greg Hawkins and his crew have an exciting line-up of races and other events planned for 2015. Landau noted that, “This annual event should be on every multisport athlete’s calendar. You can learn from the best coaches and competitors, sample a wide range of sports products, and visit with the folks you see at all the races.”

Sprint Triathlon Chestnut Forks

This year’s race will consist of

  • 300 meter swim at Chestnut Forks Pool
  • 12.8 miles of cycling through Warrenton’s beautiful countryside
  • 5K run winding through Warrenton Lakes

The date is Saturday, June 20, 2015. Individuals and teams welcome!

Click here for more information.

Police Protection at the Races

Race directors often enlist the help of local police, along with volunteers, to help ensure the safety of athletes running on race courses through heavily-traveled areas.

Race directors often enlist the help of local police, along with volunteers, to help ensure the safety of athletes running on race courses through heavily-traveled areas.

The best race directors plan ahead to obtain the necessary permits and to secure police protection and road closures. Some races, held at office parks that are not used on weekends, or other off-road sites (like the wonderful islands in downtown Richmond, Virginia) do not need road closures or police protection like downtown marathons and large athletic events.

However, even where there are police road closures, Herndon sports injury lawyer Doug Landau has witnessed accidents where motorists simply ignore or violate the instructions of the law-enforcement officers. While serving as a volunteer in Spotsylvania and Warrenton, Virginia, lawyer Landau has seen motorists skirt police, endanger children racing on bicycles, text while driving and not pay attention to what is happening during these special events.

In a case of a driver who disregards the clear instructions of race volunteers &/or police, and causes an injury, he or she would likely be held liable in a court of law for any injuries sustained by innocent athletes.

Victims of these types of car crashes — whether on foot or on bicycles — may eventually seek a remedy in court for their injuries,  Prior to the “civil case,” concluding, the police may also charge the defendant motorists with such infractions as speeding, disregarding a red light, failure to obey a highway sign, and even reckless driving.  That “Traffic Court” case is usually heard very soon after the incident, and well before the civil action for damages in the County or City Circuit Court.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a driver or other individual who failed to obey police directions and posted traffic signs during an athletic event or race, and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Bungee Trampoline Mediation Results in Multi-Party Settlement for Injured Company Picnic Attendee

How’s this for a company picnic gone bad?

A company hires an entertainment company to set up a Eurobungy bungee-trampoline.  To use the equipment, an operator straps a user into a harness, and then controls how high he or she is lifted.

During one partygoer’s jump, the operator began lifting the man before his feet had a chance to hit the trampoline, causing injury to his left arm.  He had immediate pain in the arm and was diagnosed with a hypertension injury and rupture of the distal biceps tendon.  He had surgery and physical therapy to the tune of $8,500, and continues to suffer the effects of the accident.

Both the injured man and his wife (an employee of the company whose picnic it was) filed lawsuits as follows:

  • against the companies that rented the Eurobungy equipment and provided the operator alleging they failed to properly train the operator
  • against the manufacturer of the device for failing to provide adequate warnings and safety instructions
  • against the establishment where the party took place for allowing a hazardous activity on its premises

The defendants also impleaded — brought into the suit — the company that organized the picnic.

The parties settled during mediation for $307,500:

  • $252,000 from one rental company
  • $37,500 from the manufacturer
  • $10,000 from the party’s venue
  • $5,000 from the other rental company
  • $2,500 from the company (the wife’s employer) who arranged the picnic.

This case demonstrates how mediation can be effective in resolving a dispute and bringing about justice for an injured person. Mediation can save all the parties a lot of money and uncertainty.  This form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” also enables the parties to resolve their differences without appeals, litigation expenses, unfavorable press coverage and publicity.

If you or someone you know has been injured while using recreational equipment and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Bicycle Wheel Malfunction

Who bears responsibility for an accident caused by a loose bolt in a bike purchased from the store fully assembled?

Who bears responsibility for an accident caused by a loose bolt in a bike purchased from the store fully assembled?

We recently read an article published on the American Association for Justice website about an interesting case in the state of Washington.

The details are as follows:  A man purchased a fully assembled bike at a store.  A few weeks later he took his first ride.  As he was pedaling downhill, the bike stopped suddenly and the man was thrown from the bike.  After the accident, the front wheel was turned in a 90 degree angle to the direction he was traveling.

He suffered a dislocated right shoulder and required physical therapy.  His pain continues, however. The plaintiff has limited range of motion in his shoulder as a result of this bike crash.  This prevents him from doing anything that involves reaching. The accident victim cannot participate in his regular activities like hiking, swimming, biking, and other sports.

An investigation discovered that a quill-stem bolt (the bolt that holds the handlebars to the stem assembly which holds the front tire) had not been properly tightened.  This caused the front wheel to move in one direction despite the handlebars being moved in the other direction.

The man sued the store as well as the contractor hired by the store to assemble the bike.

The trial court granted summary judgement for the store; the facts demonstrate the store had no agency relationship or control over the bike assembler, and should therefore not be a party to the suit.

The contractor argued the man must have tampered with the bike AND that he failed to heed a warning on the bike to test it before riding

The plaintiff conceded he did not pay attention to the warning, and that the accident probably would not have happened if he had.

The jury allocated fault 75% to the contractor and 25% to the plaintiff.  The award was $235,000, of which the defendant is responsible for about $176,000.

Would the outcome have been the same here in Virginia?  According to Ashburn Virginia bike crash lawyer Doug Landau,”Absolutely not.  In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the defendant (the contractor) would have prevailed and the plaintiff (the injured cyclist) would have gotten nothing. Why?  Because Virginia adheres to the doctrines of Contributory Negligence and Assumption of the Risk. These legal doctrines hold that there can be no verdict if 1) the injured plaintiff bears any responsibility whatsoever for the injury; or 2) the plaintiff was even 1% at fault for assuming the risk involved with the activity in which he or she was injured.”

Sports injury lawyer Doug Landau has seen these legal doctrines in action in his home state of Virginia many times! That’s what makes these kinds of cases extremely difficult to win in the Commonwealth.  Read more here.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of another and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Sterling Virginia Woman Wins Social Security Disability Case after Car Crash Injuries Worsen in Spin Cycling Class

Car Accident

Even a minor car accident can cause injuries which make it difficult or impossible to return to work. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help secure federal disability benefits.

As a result of a car crash in which she injured her neck, as well as complications from her pain medications and an accident during an indoor spin bike training class, a woman came to Doug Landau for help.

Unable to work since October 2007, this younger individual sought Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. In addition to her cervical spine problems, nerve damage, degenerative disc disease, difficulty sleeping, pelvic pain, and Lyme Disease, this woman re-injured her neck in a cycling class.

Referred to the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. by the National Organization for Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) in November 2011, a decision was handed down by May 2013.

The disabled woman received a lump sum check for $65,871.00 for her past due benefits, an additional $17,824 since then and monthly checks of over $1000 thereafter.

How much were the attorney’s fees for winning this federal disability case? $5,912 -- less than 10% of the past due benefits!

This is because attorney’s fees in Social Security disability cases are not only contingent upon winning but also capped by law.

In addition, the Landau Law Shop advanced costs of $929.05 for the expert witnesses report, exhibits for trial, FedEx, as well as medical records. Costs advanced are akin to an “interest free loan” for the disabled and out-of-work clients of the Landau law firm. Clients know they could never get a loan at no interest while they are out of work and unable to pay.

The key to winning this case according to Landau was proving the claimant’s “exertional limitations,” as well as her low Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) and combination of impairments.

If you or someone you know has been injured or disabled and are unable to work, and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

“Race on the Base” – Largest Reverse Triathlon in the USA Not Landau’s Best

After the "Race on the Base" Reverse Triathlon at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces military facility, Doug Landau needed to quickly return his borrowed bike & hop a plane back to Virginia !

After the “Race on the Base” Reverse Triathlon for the “Honoring our Fallen” and the “Rock our Vets” charities at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces military base, Doug Landau needed to quickly return his borrowed bike & hop a plane back to Virginia’s Dulles Airport !

Does a “Reverse Triathlon” require athletes to run, bike and swim BACKWARDS ?!!?  No, just the order of the events is revered, with multisport athletes crossing a mat at the end of the swim.  Joint Forces base at Los Alamitos California was the scene or number of races Sunday, including the famous reverse triathlon “Race on the Base.” In this event, competitors started out with a 5 Km road run, followed by a 13.1 mile bike ride over the runways, and finally a 200 meter swim in the heated, long course outdoor pool.

Feeling that this would be an excellent test of his winter “off season” fitness, Herndon sports injury lawyer Doug Landau signed up and arranged to borrow a bicycle. Lawyer Landau was coming off an easy week after last week’s USAT&F Masters 8km Road Racing National Championships. The Virginia triathlete felt ready to challenge California triathletes for a spot on the podium, as was the case at the Hermosa Beach Sprint Triathlon when he was in South California last Fall.

However, even before the race began, Landau noticed something was wrong. His lower legs were not working, and in fact his calf and soleus muscles were painful whenever he tried to go up on his toes. Usually his “bread-and-butter muscles, “his calves would not be able to help him this morning.

Instead, he planned to increase his stride rate and reduce his stride length so as to reduce impact, and avoid having to use his lower legs. Landau was going to run the 5km “flat-footed,” with a very rapid turnover. This strategy worked well enough for him to average 6:58 per mile for the 5Km ! Landau hopped on his bike and was able to average about 20 miles an hour, with a range from 16 to 30 miles an hour, due to the severe winds on the base’s runways.

Then heading back to the bike racks, Landau expected to pass many triathletes due to his usually swift transitions. However, he could barely hobble from his bike to the pool. His right lower leg was completely useless and he hopped the quarter mile to the pool. Herndon Virginia’s best triathlon trial lawyer was passed on all sides by flip-flop wearing South Californians. Expecting to easily break an hour and finish on the podium, Landau instead finished in 58:07, well down in the listings. This placed him 4th in the 50-54 age group and 40th out of 1,000 athletes.  While his time would have easily won the 55-59 age group, this race did not adhere to the USAT “age up rules.” Full results here.

Landau looks forward to another easy week, hydrotherapy, massage as well as stretching. Hopefully a fortnight of reduced training volume and intensity will enable him to get back to the heavy training for the World Championships this Fall. Stay tuned…

Reston Bicycle Club Annual Swap Meet and Social

The end of February will   bring warmer weather.  Even if not, come out to the Reston Bicycle Club's 3rd Annual Swap Meet & Social on Feb 22 in Herndon.

February was not kind weather-wise.  The end of March should be safe for the postponed  Reston Bicycle Club’s 3rd Annual Swap Meet & Social — now scheduled for March 22 in Herndon.

NEW DATE!  Original event postponed due to weather!!  NEW DATE: March 22, 2015.  Details below!

Have you ever been to ArtSpace in Herndon, Virginia?

It’s a very cool community art gallery created and supported by art lovers in the Herndon area.  Located at 750 Center Street, ArtSpace is just down the road from the Abrams Landau, Ltd. office.

Later this month, ArtSpace will be the venue for the Reston Bicycle Club‘s 3rd Annual Swap Meet and Social.

This annual event is an opportunity for bike enthusiasts to get their hands on gently used “must have” equipment, as members of RBC prepare for warmer weather with a little “spring cleaning.”

Herndon bike crash attorney Doug Landau believes the Swap Meet is a win-win — those looking for equipment can pick some up at a reasonable price, and those looking to upgrade, downsize, or just clean out their garage can do just that!  Recycling gently used cycling equipment is great for the entire community.

And, there will be free beer, wine, and soda!

Here are the details:

  • Date: Sunday, February 22, 2015  Weather canceled this event.  New date:  Sunday, March 22, 2015
  • Time: 3-6 pm
  • Place: ArtSpace Herndon – 750 Center Street in Herndon, VA
  • Cost: Bring an appetizer to share.
  • RSVP: Click here.

Hope to see you there!


Road Race National Championships for the Best US Masters Runners Contested on Rolling Brea California Course

Age Group Runner up Friel of California and Doug Landau after the US National Masters Age Group Road Racing Championships

Age Group Runner up Molly Friel of Fresno California and Doug Landau of Herndon Oak Hill after the US National Masters Age Group Road Racing Championships

The best Masters runners and their teams assembled in Brea California for the United States 8 km. road racing National Championships this past weekend. The USATF-certified course took these experienced runners on a series of rolling hills and long straightaways through Brea’s retail districts and scenic neighborhoods.

The pre-race amenities and the post-race feed at the Brea Mall was one of the best outdoor race festivities Herndon Virginia lawyer Doug Landau has ever seen.  Race organizers had assembled “Southern California’s Finest Finish Line with awards, entertainment, a great sponsor expo and Southern California’s Finest Finish Line” with food from Orange County’s best restaurants.  The post race expo and food (& schwag) selection was outstanding, with many food trucks vendors and treats for this tired, sweaty Virginia trial lawyer.

The 24th Annual Brea 8K Classic was a USATF-sanctioned, chip-timed race, where the 2014 Nationals were also held.  The Brea 8K hosted the 2015 USA Track and Field Masters 8K Championships on a sunny, breezy, nearly perfect day. While attending the Association for Justice (“AAJ”) Winter meeting, lawyer Landau was able to leave the national trial lawyer convention in Palm Desert, race, and still get back for the lectures and other networking events !

This Northern Virginia injury lawyer has a 30+ year streak of racing at national conventions.  He was also served a large helping of “humble pie” after not racing for the last 3 months.  While he was the best finisher from Virginia (or the entire Maryland & Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area for that matter), he was also the only finisher from the DC metro region.  More impressive was Fresno’s Molly Friel, who was runner up in her age group. Finishing 2nd in the 45-49 group, Molly Friel averaged under 6 minutes per mile and hardly looks like she broke a sweat.  This fantastic South California athlete noted afterwards, “That was a little harder course than I expected :-)”  Showing her upbeat attitude, she wished lawyer Landau “Happy running!”

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